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Saturday. 5.5.12 1:55 am
Almost 2AM and I find myself sitting here trying to think of new features to add to the community-based Web site I created to publish my own (and eventually other authors') novels. As of right now I have one in mind but it's too complex in PHP tonight. And with my work schedule the next two days I won't be able to get to it until Monday. And it may be too much work to get done before I work all day Tuesday so that feature may have to wait until Wednesday and Thursday since I am off both days. Google searches to try to find features leads to B.S. on top of B.S..

I am also going to have to come up with a design for this blog. Make it feel a little more like home.

And if anyone was curious after reading my previous entry: I am still not sure what the steak was made of in the steak and cheese burritos but they were pretty good. Probably pretty bad for me. But tasted pretty good.

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Curioser and Curioser
Thursday. 5.3.12 12:21 pm
I was playing a solitaire game on my cell phone and when I was near the end of a hand and was a few steps away from winning the hand I realized that I had no idea how far back the "undo" function can go. Obviously this function is like in a word processor...click it and it undoes the previous move you had made. I've only ever used it maybe twice consecutively. It was irking me not to know just how far back it could go. So I continued playing until I was one move away from the game asking me to auto-complete the hand....and then I clicked the undo button until it stopped. It didn't stop until every single card was back in their starting position. So I started playing the hand again. I still won the hand however undoing then redoing all of my moves resulted in a 6 minute plus hand and about 800 points. Hurt my score but hey, now my curiosity has been sated.

Sure, they say that curiosity killed the cat. Which is sad I guess since someone probably loved said cat. But that usually does not deter me from satisfying my curiosity. I am not a cat, for one. And normally my curiosity isn't of the "Gee, I wonder what a thousand volts of electricity would feel like coursing through my body". Yes, that kind of curiosity would kill me trying to get to the answer. My curiosities tend to be more mundane.

Perhaps a shining example would be that the other night I bought two microwavable steak and cheese burritos. They're still in my freezer. As I was reaching in to grab something else that I wanted to make last night I noticed that the wrapper had a yellow star on it which notified me that the burrito was, in fact, made of real cheese. That's great! But then I was left wondering that if they specified the cheese was real then what the hell was the 'steak' made of.

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